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April 25, 2024

When life gets busy, it’s natural for house chores to move down on your priority list. Who has the time to scrub bathroom walls when there are kids to shuttle to school or projects with looming deadlines? If you’re seeking a more thorough clean than what regular maintenance can handle, our General Cleaning service might be just what you need. 

At Tucson Home Cleaners, we understand that your time is precious. Let us take care of the cleaning so you can focus on enjoying those special moments with loved ones or catching up on other important aspects of your life. Experience the convenience and deep satisfaction of a professionally cleaned home without any hassle.

The Benefits of Hiring Professional Cleaners

Choosing professional cleaners like Tucson Home Cleaners means more than just a cleaner home; it means gaining more time for what truly matters to you. Here’s why so many trust us with their homes:

Expertise and Efficiency: Cleaning at Tucson Home Cleaners is an art form. Our team, skilled in handling a variety of surfaces—from hardwood to fabric—undergoes rigorous training. We meticulously clean often overlooked areas such as baseboards, behind appliances, and under furniture, ensuring no spot is missed.

Customized Cleaning Plans: We recognize that every home is unique. Our flexible cleaning plans are tailored to meet your specific needs, whether it’s focusing on pet-friendly areas or high-traffic zones, ensuring a personalized service that fits your lifestyle perfectly.

Advanced Tools and Equipment: You don’t need to own professional-grade tools for a deep clean; we bring everything, including HEPA filter vacuums and steam cleaners. This not only ensures a high-quality clean but also saves you the hassle and cost of maintaining these tools.

Healthier Home Environment: Beyond just aesthetics, our General Cleaning service aims to create a healthier living space. We target microbes, allergens, and other contaminants that can affect your health, significantly reducing the potential for illness and improving air quality.

Peace of Mind: A clean and organized home enhances mental well-being and reduces stress. With Tucson Home Cleaners, you also gain the assurance of entrusting your home to professionals who are fully vetted, insured, and bonded. Our commitment to safety and responsibility means you can enjoy a pristine, healthy home without any worries. 

When Should You Get a General Cleaning?

Wondering whether to choose General Cleaning or Regular Cleaning? Here are some key instances when you might need more than just surface cleaning:

  • First-Time Clients: For those who haven’t used a professional cleaning service before and want to try it out without committing to a regular schedule. It’s a way to experience the benefits of professional cleaning with a one-time appointment.
  • Preparing for Special Occasions: Whether it’s hosting guests, a party, or a family gathering, General Cleaning ensures the home is clean and presentable without going into the deep-cleaning details that might be necessary for more frequent maintenance.
  • Seasonal Cleaning: Ideal for spring cleaning or getting a fresh start in a new season. It helps clear out the old and refresh the space more thoroughly than day-to-day cleaning but less intensively than a deep clean.
  • For Homes That Are Maintained but Need Occasional Professional Touch: Those who generally keep a tidy home but every so often want a professional to ensure everything is up to standard, particularly focusing on areas that are hard to reach or often overlooked.

What Does Our General Cleaning Service Include?

Ideal for rejuvenating your home to its pristine condition, our General Cleaning service encompasses a comprehensive range of tasks designed to cover every aspect of your home’s cleanliness. Here’s a detailed breakdown of what you can expect:

  • Dusting: Our team tackles all dust magnets including furniture, open shelves, décor, window ledges, blinds, lamps, light fixtures, ceiling fans, and baseboards, ensuring they are meticulously spotless.
  • Vacuuming Carpets and Floors: Say goodbye to crumbs and debris. Our powerful vacuums clean deep into carpets, rugs, stairs, and floors, leaving them looking and feeling refreshed.
  • Sweeping and Mopping Hard Surfaces: We ensure your floors shine no matter what type it is, from hardwood to tile, meticulously removing all grime and spills with expert care.
  • Cleaning Bathrooms: Each bathroom receives special attention with a thorough scrubbing of grout, tile, sinks, showers, and fixtures, ensuring every part is spotless and hygienically clean.
  • Kitchen Clean-Up: We focus on the heart of your home, meticulously wiping down counters, cleaning appliance exteriors, and sinks, ensuring all surfaces are free from food debris and grease, making your kitchen pristine and inviting.

Why Choose Us?

Welcome to Tucson Home Cleaners, your partner in maintaining a spotless home. Our General Cleaning service combines the expertise of trained professionals with straightforward pricing for your convenience, ensuring your space is always immaculate.

Consistent, High-Quality Cleaning: We go beyond basic cleaning to transform your home into a sanctuary of tidiness. Our team meticulously covers every corner, revitalizing your space to welcome you back.

Trustworthy and Secure: Trust our cleaning professionals to treat your home with the utmost care. Each team member is rigorously vetted and insured, guaranteeing your home’s safety.

Expertly Trained Staff: Our cleaners are equipped with specialized knowledge and professional tools, making them uniquely qualified to handle various cleaning challenges, ensuring high-quality results.

Flexible Scheduling: Our scheduling accommodates your busy life. Whether preparing for an event or cleaning up afterwards, we adjust to fit your needs, making our service a seamless part of your routine.

Eco-Friendly Practices: We’re committed to sustainability. Our eco-friendly methods mean cleaning your home doesn’t come at the environment’s expense.

Transparent Pricing: No surprises here—enjoy clear, flat-rate pricing. Specify your cleaning needs, and we provide an upfront cost, helping you plan with ease.

Satisfaction Guarantee: Your satisfaction is our priority. If our services don’t meet your expectations, we’re committed to making it right.

Beyond Regular Cleaning

Our General Cleaning service provides a thorough one-time clean, but for homes needing regular upkeep, our Regular Cleaning service is ideal. It includes dusting, vacuuming, mopping, and cleaning bathrooms and kitchens to maintain a consistently tidy and comfortable environment.

For those requiring more specialized care, we offer:

  • Premium Cleaning: Targets areas often missed in routine cleaning, such as inside cabinets, under furniture, bathroom grout, and extensive kitchen areas, including appliances.
  • Move-In and Move-Out Services: Simplify moving challenges with our cleaning services that ensure your new or old home is immaculate and welcoming.
  • Post-Construction Cleaning: Post-renovation or construction, our team clears debris and dust to restore your space to a livable condition.
  • Upholstery Cleaning: Special attention to furniture removes stains and allergens, rejuvenating your upholstery and enhancing its appearance and comfort.

Each service is tailored to meet specific needs, ensuring your space is not just clean but truly revitalized.

Reclaim Your Time

The ultimate aim of our General Cleaning service is to free up your time for what makes you happiest—be it family, hobbies, or relaxation. Choosing Tucson Home Cleaners means not only a cleaner home but also more time to enjoy life’s moments. 

Our service is designed to comprehensively refresh your home, allowing you to focus on your passions without household distractions. Say goodbye to the stress of a spotless home and hello to peace of mind. Visit our website or call today to schedule your first cleaning and truly reclaim your time.


​​Q: How often should I schedule a General Cleaning for my home?

A: While the need for General Cleaning varies, we suggest scheduling it monthly or as needed based on your lifestyle, home size, and specific requirements. This frequency ensures that your home maintains a high level of cleanliness without the continuous effort on your part.
Q: How long does each General Cleaning session take?

A: The duration of our General Cleaning services depends on the specific scope of work. You also need to consider the size of the area undergoing cleaning. Typically, a single Tucson Home Cleaners professional can complete cleaning for a 40 square meter area within four (4) hours.

Q: What’s the difference between Regular Cleaning and General Cleaning?

A: Regular Cleaning is designed for ongoing maintenance to keep your home tidy and comfortable. It includes frequent tasks such as dusting accessible surfaces, vacuuming carpets and floors, mopping hard surfaces, and cleaning bathrooms and kitchens. 

General Cleaning, however, addresses a broader scope of cleaning needs and is intended to refresh your home more deeply. While it doesn’t reach the depth of a Deep Clean, it goes beyond the routine touch-ups of Regular Cleaning by including comprehensive sweeping and mopping, thorough cleaning of kitchen surfaces and appliance exteriors, and detailed bathroom sanitation. 

Q: What’s the difference between cleaning and sanitizing?

A: Cleaning targets visible dirt, dust, and debris, making surfaces look and feel clean. Sanitizing, however, involves using specialized products to eliminate bacteria and viruses, providing an extra layer of hygiene. Bathroom sanitation is included in our General Cleaning. You can also request additional sanitizing services to further enhance hygiene throughout your home.

Q: Do I need to be home during the cleaning?

A: You do not need to be home while we clean. Trust our bonded, insured, and rigorously vetted team to take care of your home at your convenience. Although it’s not required, we recommend being present at the start and end of the cleaning. This will allow you to do a walkthrough to ensure the quality of our service.

Q: Are cleaning supplies provided?

A: Yes, we provide all the necessary high-quality cleaning products needed to make your home sparkle. All our cleaning solutions are FDA-approved and ISO-certified, ensuring they are safe for your family and pets. If you have specific preferences for cleaning products, feel free to let us know. We’re happy to accommodate special requests if the products are available. 

Q: What areas of the home do you typically clean during a General Cleaning?

A: Our General Cleaning service includes thorough cleaning of the main living areas of your home. This includes the bedrooms, living room, kitchen, and bathrooms. We ensure each of these spaces is meticulously cleaned, covering all surfaces and floors. If you need cleaning in additional areas such as the garage, basement, or attic, please let us know. We can extend our services to these areas as well.

Q: How do you handle cleaning delicate or fragile items in my home?

A: Our team is trained to handle delicate and fragile items with care. We take extra precautions to ensure that these items are not damaged during the cleaning process.

Q: How do you ensure the confidentiality and security of my home?

A: Our team members are bonded and insured, and each one undergoes a thorough screening and background check. We respect your privacy and ensure that your home is secure while we are cleaning.

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